Increased values push up tax bills

(Due to an error, incorrect total amounts for Vale, Nyssa and Ontario were published in the print edition of Oct. 25. The attached amounts have been corrected.)


Top Property Taxpayers in Malheur County


Assessed Value

  1. Kraft Heinz Food Company (17 parcels) $121,906,144
  2. Idaho Power (72 parcels) $124,759,156
  3. US Geothermal (1 parcel) $108,812,000
  4. CCP Oregon Fund LLC (4 parcels) $97,700,000       (Solar company)
  5. Fry Foods, Inc. (4 parcels) $21,505,285

By John L. Braese

The Enterprise

VALE – County property owners need to check their mailboxes as property tax notices started mailing out last Friday.

Owners have until Nov. 15 to pay at least one-third of the taxes due.

As taxpayers write out the checks, 26 government agencies will get a share.

Looking at the notices going . . .