DIGITAL: Limited spaces are available on our website (, meaning your message stands out. This is an affordable way to reach thousands of readers day in and day out.

PRINT: Our full-service advertising team can help you with print marketing that has impact. We can advise you on marketing messages and our design team can help turn that message into action. You know that you are putting your business in front of people who care about Malheur County and who care about quality and integrity.

LEGAL NOTICES: The Malheur Enterprise qualifies to publish notices for any government agency or private law firm in Malheur County. You get triple value from your notice – in print, on our Facebook page and on our Twitter channel.

SPECIAL PUBLICATIONS: The Enterprise produces highly-desired magazines several times through the year. These publications are perfect for showing off your business in a quality setting. These publications include:

         *DISCOVER – The official travel guide to Malheur County, distributed each spring throughout Malheur County and surrounding areas.

         *VALE RODEO – Malheur County’s biggest rodeo event of the year is on the 4th of July weekend.

         *JOURNEY ­– Our annual history magazine is deeply popular with the community for its stories about the rich past of Malheur County. Published each fall.

         *BE WELL ­– Health matters are increasingly important to everyone and this annual publication provides a perfect venue for organizations with a health message to deliver.

TO LEARN MORE: Contact Rose Zueger at 541-473-3377 or email at [email protected]