Author: Steven Mitchell

With rural housing bill for Malheur County stalled, compromise may get it moving again

As the legislative deadline to move a bill along in the Oregon Legislature intended to open up housing in Malheur County fast approaches in the face of scrutiny from several conservation groups around the state, local leaders have hammered out a compromise they believe will make all parties happy and garner enough of votes to move the legislation out of committee.

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The average home price in Ontario increased by nearly 50% over the last five years

Home sales have steadily declined in Ontario since 2018 when the city saw 186 homes sold. And despite mortgage rates at a historic low in 2021, buyers purchased 170 homes in Ontario, according to a report by the Four Rivers Association of Realtors. The five-year data, from 2018 to 2022, looked at real estate trends in Payette, Weiser, New Plymouth and Ontario. The region saw similar trends over the last five years. Home prices surged, and the demand for homes went up, with homes spending fewer days on the market and the number of houses sold in the region was down from the previous year, but not by much.

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Standing photo - agriculture onions farming irrigation (The Enterprise/file)

Bill to shift predator management sparks farmer concerns

Supporters of a bill giving state wildlife officials control over regulating all control over predators in and outside of agricultural lands say the legislation would allow a commission to manage animals classified as “predatory” while not hindering farmers and ranchers from protecting their property. Meanwhile, local leaders contend that such a bill will diminish the county’s protection against crop and livestock damage.

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