Teaching more than a job for DeLong

By Pat Caldwell

The Enterprise

VALE – He was excited because it was his birthday. That meant treats at his Vale Elementary School kindergarten class.

When the boy’s teacher, Sheri DeLong, gently asked him who was bringing treats, he shrugged.

DeLong realized that his parents weren’t delivering treats for the class. Perhaps they forgot. Maybe the boy failed to tell them they needed to bring something. Maybe money was an issue.

All DeLong knew was she needed to make the occasion happen.

So she went out and bought treats for the little boy.

“You know these kids. And, when you get involved with them you feel like you have to do something for them,” DeLong said.

Maybe helping the boy is a small thing, but in DeLong’s classroom the details make a big difference.

Providing treats for her students on a birthday or buying them gloves . . .