Surf’s up – and class is outdoors for Nyssa kids

After a day of learning last month, Nyssa brought students to the beach south of Newport to play. Pictured here from left are Jacob Gonzalez, Kira Nulle, Mazy Stringer, Jose DeLeon, Jr., and Mia Gomeza. (Jayme Fraser/ Malheur Enterprise)

NEWPORT – Isaiah Garza and other Nyssa fifth graders lined up knee deep in the Pacific. 

They turned their heads back toward the approaching waves. As one swelled and broke behind them, the race to shore started. 

“You run away from the waves and try not to get caught,” Garza said, explaining his favorite part of his first day at the ocean. 

Some screamed in joy as they ran. The waves chased them, pushing a few kids giggling into the shallow water. Teachers stood nearby and a couple joined the evening race.

The beach . . .