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Got whitetop on your property? Malheur weed inspector offers tips to control it

Spring is finally here, and with the wet cool weather we have been having, the whitetop is growing like crazy. It is making its appearance in a lot of places, requiring all landowners to do their part to combat this noxious weed.

Malheur County Weed Department is no longer doing the whitetop chemical giveaway that many residents have become accustomed to, but there is still plenty that you can do to control it.

First you need to understand that whitetop is a perennial plant that can come back year after year from its root system, and seeds that it produces. Because of its deep root system, pulling the plant will only create more, so chemical application is the best control method. If removing the plants mechanically (pulling/digging) you have to keep removing all new growth as it continues to emerge and is only successful in very . . .