Temps to dip below 0 for New Year’s Eve

The snow is ending on Friday morning, the sun may be out, but prepare for arctic temperatures the next couple of days.

For those heading to Vale’s fireworks show Friday evening, the National Weather Service forecasts the temperature at 7 p.m. to be 14 degrees, but the wind chill will make it feel like 4. The temperature drops in a couple of hours to 9 degrees and the wind chill is forecast to be 0.

While roadways are clearing, authorities urge everyone to take precautions against the coming cold.

“A modified arctic air mass will move south from western Canada bringing the

coldest temperatures in about 5 years,” according to the weather service forecast.

The forecast low for the Ontario area is -1 but mountain terrain will be even colder.

“High temperatures New Year’s Day will be generally in the teens everywhere. Saturday night will again be very cold, but warmer air will start to come in aloft as upper winds shift to westerly,” the weather service said.

The forecast high in Ontario for Friday is 26 and the high on Saturday is 16.

Homeowners should be sure that outdoor faucets are covered and that exposed water pipes are protected. Plumbers advise that if possible, leave indoor faucets running a trickle.

The American Humane Society advises:

•Keep your pets inside, both during the day and night. Just because they have fur doesn’t mean they can withstand cold temperatures.

•When taking your pets out for a bathroom break, stay with them. If it’s too cold for you to stand outside, it is probably also too cold for your pets.

• For outdoor animals, remember that staying warm requires extra calories. Outdoor animals typically need more calories in the winter, so feed them accordingly when the temperature drops. 


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