Letters from readers: Focus on uplifting others

From Blu Fortner, Ontario

To the Editor:

One should consider the nature and history of those who are first to condemn or cast judgment. If it is an individual who has failed to learn from their own mistakes or not sought to make amends within the community, they are the last ones I would care to take advice from, especially in a complicated and public situation. The harshest critics are often the ones who fail to work on their own problems, but instead focus on attacking others. To amplify the voice of one who has made no apologies or changes in behavior, one who has shown a lack of integrity in the past, is damaging the community.

Alcohol is a more dangerous substance than our society gives it credit for. It is often glamorized, justified in society because of its legality. Sometimes it takes a big mistake to be able to see through that allure and recognize its potential for great harm. Many do not understand that the body can process only one standard drink per hour to safely drive.   

Part of being human is making mistakes. Each mistake is an opportunity to learn and grow, sharing the experience with others, rather than giving up or denying one’s wrongdoing. It benefits the community to lift each other up, instead of kicking one when they’re down. We are not defined by our mistakes, but how we react to them and the life journey we create despite of them.

My hope is that our local leadership and community focus on bringing out the best in each other, to uplift while we hold each other accountable, and to always work on our own mistakes and make things right when we mess up before trying to bring another down.

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