From Emil Wirth, Vale:

The Feb. 14 edition included a story on a group named Tactical Civics so I checked their website. They base their organization on three false claims:  1) the U.S. is a Christian-based nation (our Constitution does not specify a religious belief), 2) the Bill of Rights contains 12 not 10 enumerated freedoms, and 3) U.S. Government elected and employed officials are criminals.  

I served two years in the U.S. Army and was employed by Department of Defense agencies for 26 years prior to my retirement.  As with any large organization there are always bad actors for which there are legal and administrative means to correct the behavior or terminate their service. By and large the military and civilian force supporting the U.S. Government are honest, patriotic and dedicated. One’s disagreement with a public official does not make him or her a criminal.

The proposal to increase the House of Representatives to 14 times the current number borders on insanity. They are dysfunctional now and gaining consensus from 6,000 would be akin herding cats. The militia they propose reminds one of vigilantism, which in the past has resulted in Nazi Brown Shirts, Italian Black Shirts and the Ku Klux Klan in the United States.  

The current legal system may be slow but it is far superior to the vigilante system. Tactical Civics offers their philosophy for the price of a Costco membership. Your money would be better spent on said membership or a couple of cold ones.

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