Local riders win Vale rodeo spots at 2022 Billy Evins Memorial

A barrel racer speeds past at the Billy Evins Memorial Roping in Vale on June 17, 2022. (Isaac Wasserman/ Malheur Enterprise)

VALE – The Vale Rodeo season kicked off with the Billy Evins Memorial Roping and Barrel Racing on Friday, June 17.

The cool, dry conditions were perfect for the event, which is the qualifier for roping teams and barrel racers hoping to move up to the Vale 4th of July Rodeo in two weeks.

Family and friends celebrated reunions and cheered for the riders as the early-summer sun set.

Members of Malheur County Search and Rescue joined the festivities, serving cheeseburgers, hot dogs and fries from their food truck.

“It’s a great opportunity for search and rescue to raise funds for equipment and see everyone,” said Randy Seals, a search and rescue team member.

The qualifier kicked off with the youth and open barrel racing rounds before the three rounds of team roping to determine which riders would move on to the Fourth of July weekend competition.

Vale Rodeo President Jim Mendiola watched next to the arena, double-checking the gates and laser “eyes” that start the timer the moment a steer launches out of the gate in the roping competition.

Up in the rodeo booth, spirits were high as the team roping carried on into the early evening.

“We love getting back out here for the tradition that’s 107 years old,” said Holly Stepleton, Vale Rodeo board member. “My kids have grown up here.”

Barrel Racing Results

The evening began with the barrel racing competition for open group contestants and the four youth age groups. The winners, with the rodeo dates on which they will compete, include:

Age 6-8

Mackenzie Cruikshank (Sunday, July 3)

Jack Blake (Monday, July 4)

Age 9-10

Ezra Galkowski (Friday, July 1)

Ryder Tufto (Saturday, July 2)

Bristol Keller (Sunday, July 3)

Shaney Martz (Monday, July 4)

Age 11-13

Jocelyn Child (Friday, July 1)

Taylor Stepleton (Saturday, July 2)

Cruz Trevino (Sunday, July 3)

Avery Scheimer (Monday, July 4)

Age 14-16

Sammi Jo Worley (Friday, July 1)

Ava Collins (Saturday, July 2)

Denni Jo Coleman (Sunday, July 3)

Taylor Hack (Monday, July 4)


Ella Nieskins (Friday, July 1)

Sammi Jo Worley (Saturday, July 2)

Ava Collins (Sunday, July 3)

Macy Hack (Monday, July 4)

Team roping results

The top 24 teams move forward to the team roping events during the Fourth of July Rodeo. The top six teams from the Billy Evins Memorial will compete during the final day of the Vale Rodeo. Teams are listed by header/heeler.

Danny Pozzi, Anna Pozzi (Friday, July 1)

Danny Pozzi, McKay Justus (Friday, July 1)

Jake Christensen, Chase Andrade (Friday, July 1)

Sydney Davis, Chase Andrade (Friday, July 1)

Jim Joyce, Jay Long (Friday, July 1)

Dirk Cleaver, McKay Justus (Friday, July 1)

Angie Allum, JT Jaca (Saturday, July 2)

Jordan Ryals, Jay Long (Saturday, July 2)

Monica Williams, JT Jaca (Saturday, July 2)

Andrew Heid, Matt McBride (Saturday, July 2)

Britton Bentz, Justin Fulwyler (Saturday, July 2)

Monica Williams, Joe Williams (Saturday, July 2)

Doug Burgess, Joe Williams (Sunday, July 3)

Jerren Larrimer, Jason Wallace (Sunday, July 3)

Danyelle Williams, Jason Wallace (Sunday, July 3)

Danyelle Williams, Matt McBride (Sunday, July 3)

Calli Arriola, Raul Trevino (Sunday, July 3)

Danyelle Williams, Raul Trevino (Sunday, July 3)

Drew Elsner, Lonnie Bazona (Monday, July 4)

Monica Williams, Mike Coleman (Monday, July 4)

Celie Davis, Clay Griffith (Monday, July 4)

Jordan Ryals, Marc Zander (Monday, July 4)

Hailey Dayton, Russ Dayton (Monday, July 4)

Ryan Joyce, JT Jaca (Monday, July 4)

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