EDITORIAL: Rapid and major changes needed to get Nyssa rail project back on track

Grant Kitamura, left, and Corey Maag listen to a briefing on the Treasure Valley Reload Center on April 12. Kitamura is president of Malheur County Development Corp. and Maag is a director. (ANGIE SILLONIS/Special to the Enterprise)

The time is here for a rescue mission to save the Treasure Valley Reload Center. The community has been failed by people it trusted to build this. That must change.

This project is behind schedule and could be short by $9.8 million, threatening construction of the reload building itself. No building, no customers.

County officials and the community face key questions:

• How much money is needed?

The money hole has been getting deeper by the day recently. Circumstances shift. Numbers change. Certainty is needed.

• What elements of the project should be canceled . . .