Car smashes through front window of Four Rivers Cultural Center

Jenette Gerdau-Nicholson, 83, Fruitland,accidently crashed her car into the front lobby of Four Rivers Cultural Center Tuesday, April 5. (For the Enterprise/JANET KOMOTO)

ONTARIO – An 83-year-old Fruitland woman crashed her car through the front window of the Four Rivers Culture Center and into the lobby Tuesday, April 5.

According to Ontario police, Jenette Gerdau-Nicholson was backing her white Mazda CX9 out of the parking spot at the center when she thought she applied the brakes but instead accelerated and crashed into the building.

Gerdau-Nicholson was not injured but transported to Saint Alphonsus Medical Center Ontario for observation.

Lynelle Christiani, the executive director of Four Rivers Cultural Center, said she was sitting in her office when she heard a loud crash.

“I was thinking, what could make that much noise? I looked out and there was a car in our lobby,” said Christiani.

Christiani said the Malheur County Health Department was in a meeting at the center when the crash occurred.

“So, we had three RNs on site,” said Christiani.

Christiani said she did not have an estimate on the cost of the damage.

“Until we get an engineer in here we won’t now the actual extent (of damage),” said Christiani.

The Zumba and yoga classes slated for tonight at the center have been canceled.

 Emergency medical technicians take Jenette Gerdau-Nicholson to an ambulance after she crashed her car into the front lobby of Four Rivers Cultural Center. (For the Enterprise/JANET KOMOTO)

No one was injured after an 83-year-old Fruitland woman lost control of her vehicle and crashed into the front lobby of Four Rivers Cultural Center Tuesday afternoon. (For the Enterprise/JANET KOMOTO)

Police are still investigating the crash at Four Rivers Cultural Center. (Photo courtesy of the Ontario Police Department)

Four Rivers Cultural Center officials said they did not have an estimate regarding the damage to the facility. (Photo courtesy of the Ontario Police Department)

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