AROUND OREGON: More Klamath Basin wells go dry as groundwater decline persists

KLAMATH FALLS - In July, the number of dry wells registered in Klamath County was at 84. A month later, that number has climbed to 185 as wells from the California state line all the way to Crescent and La Pine are getting low and going dry.

There are likely more unregistered dry wells in Klamath County. The county watermaster’s office said they receive daily calls from well owners asking how to register. And the Modoc County Sheriff shared a PSA on Facebook explaining what to do if someone in that county is without well water.

“Not all of these (registrees) are people with dry wells, some just have low levels and want a backup plan,” said Dani Watson, watermaster of District 17 in Klamath Falls.

For now, well users in Klamath County are encouraged to continue registering dry wells with . . .