Ontario changes would expand council’s ability to remove president, city manager

Councilor Ken Hart has been one of the key proponents of altering the city charter. (Enterprise file photo)

ONTARIO – Recommendations from Ontario’s Charter Review Committee mean the city’s governing document could be in for an overhaul.

The city charter guides everything about how Ontario city government functions, including urban planning, public safety and municipal elections. But it hasn’t been amended since 1985 – much longer, City Manager Adam Brown said, than was normal for most Oregon cities. 

The Ontario city charter committee consists of Councilors Sam Baker, John Kirby and Ken Hart, and citizens Michael Miller, Susann Mills, Jaime Taylor and Robert Wheatley. It also includes Brown, Assistant City Manager Peter Hall, City Recorder Tori Barnett and City Attorney Larry Sullivan. 

Since March, the group has been meeting to discuss ideas . . .