Classes to Career Profile: Harper’s Jeremiah Wright sees benefits from ag, business studies

Note: This is the part of a series of articles introducing local students for high schools in Malheur County who are pursuing vocations such as welding and certified nursing assistant through Career Technical Education courses in Malheur County. Watch for more profiles from local schools in the Malheur Enterprise.

MEET Jeremiah Wright, Harper School, Grade 11.

CURRENT VOC ED CLASS: Ag. Business, Advanced Automotive.

WHY I DECIDED TO TAKE THE CLASS: These subjects interested me, and I think they have helped me grow my knowledge and grow as a person. Ag. business has helped me learn a little more about the struggles of businesses and gives me ideas on how I could run my own someday. I love the technical side of automotive, I love science, so it really speaks to me.

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT IT: These classes are helping teach me about the world around me. They help explain things that seem complicated.

WHAT I’D LIKE THE COMMUNITY TO KNOW:  These programs need support, they are fun, and they help teach life skills, they could potentially be you, or your kids calling someday.

MY FUTURE DREAMS: I don’t quite know what I want from life yet, but I know whatever I choose to do, I will work hard for it and use the skills I have learned from these courses to make myself better.


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