State agency opens investigation into deadly accident near Westfall

A deadly accident near Westfall first investigated by the Malheur County Sheriff’s Office will get another look from the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health agency.

WESTFALL – The Oregon Occupational Safety and Health agency is investigating the deaths of two men near Westfall earlier this month.

Aaron Corvin, a spokesman for the state agency confirmed the investigation was ongoing but could not give any further details.

“We don’t discuss the details or status of ongoing investigations,” he said.

The state inquiry centers on the deaths of Greg Quant, 57, Burns, and Roger Wheeler, 47, Westfall, on March 12.

According to the Malheur County Sheriff Brian Wolfe, the two were at work on a creek with a John Deere 25D excavator about two miles west of Westfall when the accident occurred.

“Quant was the operator of the machine and had been out of the machine and he was either getting in or getting out when somehow it engaged into gear and as a result both men were struck by the machine and killed,” said Wolfe.

Wolfe said Wheeler was the ranch manager for the old Becker ranch near Westfall while Juant worked for ACW Inc., a Hines construction firm.

Wolfe said the incident was a “freak accident.” Both men, said Wolfe, died at the scene.

Corvin said death investigations can “take three to four months to complete.”

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