Records chronicle actions leading to Ontario mayor’s lawsuit

Ontario Mayor Riley Hill. (The Enterprise/File)

ONTARIO – A hearing transcript obtained through a public records request is shedding new light on Ontario mayor Riley Hill’s decision to sue the city over a $500 civil penalty. 

Hill, a landlord and property developer, has been mayor of Ontario since 2019. The Jan. 11 suit, filed on behalf of Hill’s company Eldorado Investments Inc., asks that the city overturn a nuisance fee assessed for overgrown weeds and a derelict motor vehicle on a company lot, and that Hill’s legal fees be compensated. 

New documents appear to show the mayor soliciting personalized help from the Ontario Police Department to clean the lot in question. They also reveal that the final fee assessed on the mayor, $500, was lowered from $3,500 at the direction of . . .