EDITORIAL: It’s time for an audit of Smith & Co.’s work in Malheur County

Malheur County has been paying its contract economic development director thousands of dollars each month in part to prepare an application for federal money to transform this land into an industrial park. The funding request recently failed. (The Enterprise/file)

Taxpayers of Malheur County may have gotten taken as county officials shelled out $138,000 for questionable work by Gregory Smith and Company LLC. The Oregon Secretary of State’s Office, through the state Audits Division, needs to come to town and dig in on behalf of those taxpayers to find the truth.

Such an audit could determine whether the public got stuck with a fat bill for apparently inadequate work on a major grant request, one recently rejected by the feds. Malheur County is a poor county and it must prudently use every dollar in public money it . . .