Ontario pool plans, price tags revealed

Ontario Pool District director Andrew Meade at the Ontario indoor pool complex. (Rachel Parsons/The Enterprise)

Ontario pool estimates are in, and the people heading the restoration project are looking for both community input and money.

The plans to fix the defunct Ontario Aquatic Center, which has been closed since 2013 after years of deferred maintenance, range from $2.5 to $4.2 million. Design West architect Chris Vondemkamp outlined the options in his presentation to the board of the Ontario Recreation District on Wednesday, July 15.

Vondemkamp lined out three options for the pool itself, without making any repairs to the aquatic center otherwise.:

• Make the pool usable at the minimum level by repairing and replacing drains, gutters, pool system controls, filtration and sanitation system. Cost: about $1.2 million.

• The above . . .