Ontario city councilor obtains restraining order against ex-girlfriend

Ontario Councilor Freddy Rodriguez speaks at the Black Lives Matter rally at Ontario City Hall on June 4. (Rachel Parsons/The Enterprise)

ONTARIO - Freddy Rodriguez, an Ontario city councilor embroiled in a public dispute with a former girlfriend, sought and obtained a restraining order against her on Friday, June 19.

The woman two weeks earlier had obtained her own restraining order against Rodriguez. The Enterprise doesn’t identify victims of abuse but is identifying the city councilor because of his public position.

Malheur County Circuit Judge Lung Hung issued the restraining order the same day Rodriguez petitioned for it.

The order issued last week requires the former girlfriend to have no contact with Rodriguez. The order prohibits the victim from “entering, attempting to enter, or remaining in the area within” 500 feet of Rodriguez’s . . .