Fry Foods’ Ontario plant shuts down after rumors that employees were sick with COVID-19

ONTARIO – Fry Foods shut down its Ontario plant late last week as rumors swirled that two employees were sick with COVID-19.

The food processing plant at 602 Stanton Boulevard in Ontario closed Thursday night and announced mandatory testing for employees Friday, according to Douglas Wold, Oregon/Idaho Fry Foods human resources manager. 

The move came days after the company’s Weiser plant shut down a week ago following an outbreak of the infection. 

Roughly 280 employees work at the plant in Ontario, which specializes in onion rings, cheese sticks and other appetizer items.

Wold said the company worked with the statewide Crush the Curve campaign in Idaho to set up drive-thru testing at Fry Foods’ plant in Weiser. They tested about 229 employees from the Ontario plant at the site in Idaho. Remaining employees got . . .