Latino students in Malheur County lag behind in test scores

VALE – Latino students in Malheur County are falling behind their white peers, according to the state’s test score data.

The gap is more pronounced in some schools than in others.

In Nyssa, only 20% of Latino test takers were considered proficient in math, according to data from the 2018-2019 school year. The passing rate for white students was 48%.

Nyssa also had the largest gap in English language arts scores. It’s the only district in the county where the Latino scores were below the state average of 37.2%. About a third of Latino test takers – 33.5% – passed the exam; the rate was 62.9% for white students.

Of the 409 Latino students tested in English language arts in Nyssa, 133 were considered proficient, according to the data. In math, 412 students were tested and . . .