CASE CLOSED: In Oregon campaign investigations, ‘I did not do it’ is all it takes

Glenn Palmer, Grant County sheriff, and former Rep. Deborah Boone of Astoria. (Photos courtesy of The Oregonian and the Astorian)

Imagine what would happen if someone tipped off the police that you possibly committed a felony.

Perhaps you’d find detectives at your door, notebooks in hand. Or a subpoena compelling you to hand over text messages, emails, phone records and bank statements.

Now imagine that instead, the authorities wait four months after getting the tip, then send you a letter that asks: Did you commit a crime?

You write back: No, I did not. And rather than asking more questions, the authorities take you at your word and close the case.

That’s what happens when Oregon election watchdogs investigate potential violations of campaign laws -- the rules that govern the running of . . .