PHOTOS: Suicide Race draws hundreds in Vale

Steven Ford leads Mufasa toward the fairgrounds to place first in the Vale 4th of July Suicide Race. (The Enterprise/Joe Siess)

VALE - It was the first win for the jockey and the third win for the horse.

At Friday’s Suicide Race, Steven Ford, 29, strode victorious into the fairgrounds with 10-year-old Mufasa. Ford rode down shirtless and with a baseball cap worn backwards.

It was Ford’s second time participating after two years without riding.

He puked right after.

“He takes care of me when I’m up there, and I take care of him,” Ford said of Mufasa, his hands a little shaky a few minutes after the win.

Zane Marchand, Mufasa’s owner, didn’t even watch the race. He couldn’t bear it. A . . .