Ontario’s marijuana industry players make progress in licensing

ONTARIO – As the state’s cannabis regulators reopen applications, a bumper crop of budding entrepreneurs is getting ready to cash in on Ontario’s emerging recreational marijuana industry, some moving forward with building permits. 

As of Monday, Dan Cummings, Ontario’s Community Development director, has approved seven conditional use permits. This comes after Cummings had sent out notices to surrounding businesses about future dispensaries opening nearby. Businesses that received a notice had 12 days to appeal the city’s approval for the pot shop’s location.

“No one filed an appeal,” said Cummings. “In a sense it’s not surprising, because we already had a public hearing process about marijuana businesses coming.”

Cummings said 22 applications have been submitted. However, after considering the order in which they were submitted and whether they fall into a buffer zone, only 12 . . .