Antelopes choose Tip-Off king and queen

ADRIAN Adrian High School celebrated its annual Tip-Off week during half-time of last Friday’s boys basketball game against Jordan Valley.

Sadey Speelmon and Sanders Shin, an exchange student from South Korea, were crowned Tip-Off queen and king.

Joining them on the court were freshmen Lincoln Lovitt and Breanna Gomez, sophomores Derek Combe and Kenzie Gearhart, juniors Riley Bradford and Anel Beltran, seniors Chase Bertrand and Gracie Monton, as well as James Ellsworth and Saira Amaral.

Lincoln Lovitt and Breanna Gomez.

Derek Combe and Kenzie Gearhart.

Riley Bradford and Anel Beltran.

James Ellsworth and Saira Amaral.

Chase Bertrand and Gracie Morton.

Sanders Shin (far left) applaud for his fellow court members.