Ontario woman hides shooter’s gun in bra, police say

ONTARIO – A 20-year-old woman accused of involvement in a recent early morning shooting of an Ontario transient hid the gun used in the attack in her bra as police closed in, according to court records.

Police didn’t discover the gun until Jasmine C. Ceballos surrendered and she was interviewed, the affidavit said.

Ceballos was one of three people who took Jose I. Cuna, 20, for a drive early the morning of Dec. 21, according to court records. A police report filed as part of an affidavit said that the pickup truck stopped along a remote road northeast of Ontario and Xavier R. Machuca, 27, asked Cuna to get out.

Cuna told police he was shot point blank in the face and that his attackers chased him. A police affidavit identified the driver as Braden J. Learned, 31, of . . .