Bates sues Oregon, claims state should not have freed Montwheeler

Jessica Bates of Vale filed suit on Wednesday against the State of Oregon, saying the state should not have freed Anthony Montwheeler in December 2016 just weeks before he is accused of killing her husband, David, and a Weiser woman, Annita Harmon.

The complaint filed in Malheur County Circuit Court by Nampa attorney Bruce Skaug names three state agencies – the Psychiatric Security Review Board, the Oregon State Hospital and the Oregon Health Authority – as well as state psychiatrist Dr. Mukesh Mittal and five unnamed state employees. The filing contends they were negligent in their decision to set free Montwheeler despite a history of mental illness and violence.

"Defendants ... had knowledge that Montwheeler was mentally unstable and unsuitable for release because he was prone to extreme violence and as such posed a danger to others," read the complaint.

Spokespersons for the three . . .