Vale agency say humans upstage lightning in 2018

A BLM firefighter sprays down smoldering brush  at the scene of a range fire in the season coming to an end. (File photo/BLM)

VALE – Mother Nature came through for the Vale District of the Bureau of Land Management this fire season.

Humans, though, didn’t show the same consideration during a fire season that fizzled rather than flared. 

Fewer storms producing less lightning meant firefighters encountered a below average fire season in terms of total acres burned. Just over 15,000 acres burned on the Vale District, far below the 38,000 acres scorched in 2017.

“That is way below average,” said Al Crouch, the Vale District’s fire information officer.

However, fires started by people are on an upswing.

“Human-caused fire averages are up, above average and that trend is . . .