State judge sends Montwheeler back to state hospital

This story has been updated.

VALE – Accused murderer Anthony Montwheeler will return to the Oregon State Hospital to be treated after a judge ruled Tuesday that he is too impaired to make decisions about his legal defense.

Multnomah Circuit Judge Thomas Ryan, conducting a hearing in Malheur County Circuit Court, was swayed by a 37-page report and the testimony of a state psychiatrist.

Dr. Octavio Choi, a psychiatrist and director of Forensic Evaluation Services at the Oregon State Hospital, diagnosed Montwheeler with adjustment disorder that “significantly impaired” his ability to make rational decisions about his defense, according to an evaluation report made public Monday. Choi told the court that Montwheeler’s condition is more commonly known as mild to moderate depression.

Choi said three to six months of treatment at the . . .