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Local student homelessness rate rises

Mark Redmond, superintendent of the Malheur Education Service District, which helps homeless students across Malheur County (The Enterprise/Carolyn Agrimis)

VALE – The number of school students in Malheur County considered homeless continues to rise as school officials do what they can to help.

State records show that in the 2016-17 school year, 318 students from kindergarten to high school locally were classified as homeless.

This year, there are closer to 350, according to Mark Redmond, Malheur Education Service District superintendent.

“The definition of homeless in the education world is different than a lot of people think,” said Redmond. “The key is inadequate housing. If you have two families that are doubled up in a very, very small place, that could be identified as homeless.” 

In the 2017, there were 22,541 homeless students . . .