EDITORIAL: Border board must make strong case for investing in this region

Shawna Peterson, the chair of the Eastern Oregon Border Economic Development Board, listens to board member Dana Young during a meeting earlier this year. (Enterprise file photo)

Malheur County has long felt itself throttled in competing with its crossriver neighbors in Idaho. Everything from taxation to wages to training has been cited as reasons the county seems to trail the successes obvious just across the border. Fixing that imbalance has seldom got beyond the mantra: “Do something!”

Now, we have a chance to “do something” but in a way that solves problems, earns political respect, and gives the community hope. Fortunately, those leading this new effort well understand that we have to act now with more than platitudes and hand wringing.

We’re talking about the Eastern Oregon Border Economic Development Board. Created by the 2017 Legislature under the guidance of . . .