Winebarger urges young people to engage in politics

Tessa Winebarger reflects back on her young political career as a member of the Ontario City Council. Winebarger urged voters - and especially young city residents - to get involved in local politics. (The Enterprise/Pat Caldwell).

ONTARIO – Just months after graduating from high school, Tessa Winebarger was on her way to a seat on the Ontario City Council.

Winebarger was one of three people who filed for three open seats in the 2014 general election. She pulled the second most votes of the three and took her seat at age 18.

She put her youth to work for her. Making the political process of Ontario accessible to the younger generations in Ontario was one of her goals.

“We have a huge population of younger people in town who are not represented,” she said.

Now, Winebarger is . . .