Nyssa’s annual rock hound festival stays true to its roots

Participants in a Saturday morning tour to find Thundereggs search a section of land in a remote part of the county. Nyssa's Thunderegg Days celebration has evolved over the year but the mythical rocks remain at the heart of the festival. (The Enterprise/Max Egener).

NYSSA – The annual Thunderegg Days in Nyssa is an opportunity for people from across the region to gather in the thunderegg capital of the world to celebrate Oregon’s state rock.

Starting last Thursday morning and ending on Saturday night, people enjoyed live music, a lawnmower race, a fun run, fireworks, and vendors serving barbecue, sushi, fried foods and sandwiches.

People shopped at booths selling the crystal-filled geologic wonders that are thundereggs.

But what are thundereggs exactly? And how does one find them? Thunderegg hunters – also known as “rock hounds . . .