Nyssa High School seniors gain awards for college

Following are the scholarships announced for graduating seniors at Nyssa High School.

Ana Delgado – Lewis and Clark State College Achievement Scholarship, $2000; Presidential out of state Tuition Scholarship $9,308 renewable; LCSC CAMP.

Nathan Cooper – Future Business Leaders Scholarship @ OSU $1500; National FFA Wilbur-Ellis Company Agribusiness Division $1,000; College of Idaho Merit Deans level $11,000 renewable; College of Idaho Academic Grant $1,000; Oregon State University Finely Academic Excellence Scholarship $1,500 renewable; Nyssa FFA Alumni Scholarship $1,000.

Ebony Hernandez – University Oregon Pathways Scholarship $3,653 renewable.

Abigail Ramos – Roy Benedict Memorial Scholarship $1000; BSU CAMP $3,000; Nyssa School Board Promise Scholarship $1,000; Nyssa FFA Alumni Scholarship $1,000.

Kierra Hernandez – Lewis and Clark College –Presidential out of State Tuition Scholarship $8,908 renewable; LCSC CAMP; Montana State University Achievement Athletic Award $12,000; TVCC Athletic Award $1,500.

Boston Thompson – Western Oregon University Athletic Award $12,000.

Adrian Herrera – Idaho Oregon Border Fair Scholarship $200.

Dominik Madrid – Poverty to Prosperity TVT Welding $500.

Garrett Stoneman – University of Utah Out of state tuition paid first year $28,067; Chevy Trucks Scholarship $1000; FFA Alumni Scholarship $1000.

Savanna Kesler – Utah State Merit Dean’s level 90% tuition waived for 2 years renewable $37,307; Nyssa FFA Alumni Scholarship $1,000; America’s Grow Ag leadership/Monsanto Fund $1,500.

Sailor Hartley – Pepsi-Cola Bottling of Eastern Oregon $1,000; Nyssa FFA Alumni Scholarship $1,000; Nyssa School Board Promise Scholarship $1,000

Jeremias Martinez – Oregon Coast Culinary Institute Scholarship $250.

Anthony Cervantes – Nyssa School Board Promise Scholarship $1,000 TVCC CAMP.

Mickena Ausman – Nyssa FFA Alumni Scholarship $1,000; Nyssa School Board Promise Scholarship $1,000; Laurence Family Foundation Scholarship $12,000 renewable.

Paola Amaral – DreamUS National Scholarship $33,000 renewable for five years; EOU University Achievement Award $500; EOU Bi-Mart Scholarship $700; EOU Diversity Scholarship $1500; TVCC Foundation.

Dennet Flores – Laurence Family Foundation Scholarship $12,000 renewable; Engineering Academic Success Scholarship $1800; Engineering Academic Opportunity Scholarship $1,800; Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber Scholarship $2500; Oregon State University CAMP $1,900; Oregon State University CAMP Scholar Intern $9,000; OSU Finley Academic Excellence Scholarship $1,500; TVCC Foundation Scholarship-Murakami $2,091; TVCC CAMP $2,700; Nyssa School Board Promise Scholarship $1,000.

Brandon Franks – TVCC Foundation Scholarship.