U.S. Wildlife Services plans critter control

Feedlot and dairy producers depend on action from the USDA to control birds eating feed and harassing calves. (The Enterprise-John L. Braese)

VALE – Cattle producers don’t want starlings eating feed and pecking at young calves. Irrigators don’t want beavers delaying water supplies in the heat of the summer. Range riders don’t want coyotes harassing mother cows about to give birth.

Taking care of these issues falls under the umbrella of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services. The agency contracts each year with the county to provide wildlife damage management with the current contract calling for the county to pay $47,435 for these services. The federal agency adds $21,724.

In December David Williams, USDA state director, discussed the contract with the Malheur County Court. Numerous producers unhappy with the current service also . . .