Stringer picked for state commission

By Pat Caldwell
The Enterprise
ONTARIO – When Matt Stringer was 52, he had an epiphany.
He was a successful record company executive living in New York City with a seemingly limitless horizon. He worked with such big-name acts as U2, The Cranberries and Avril Lavigne as he managed marketing departments for such well-known music labels as Island, Arista and Sony.
But the Nyssa High School graduate felt something was missing.
Back at home, his mom was sick with emphysema. He missed Malheur County. He looked around New York City and pondered his career.
“I felt, OK, I am not happy here. I don’t want to stay here. And I thought, I don’t think this is what matters. So, I came back,” said Stringer.
That was 2011 and shortly after Stringer returned he became executive director of Four Rivers Cultural Center. Since then, he has . . .