EDITORIAL: Local development board needs to double down on transparency

When suspicions of government take root, they are hard to dig out. The Malheur County Development Corp. must be mindful of that in its handling of $26 million in taxpayer money set aside for a new rail shipping center.

The Malheur County Court created the public company and tasked it with managing the shipping center project. The public company, with seven people on its board, has the duty to decide where to build the rail center, what contractors to hire, and who gets to use the center.

The company has made its first big decision, picking land outside Nyssa for the rail center. At such a center, producers would truck in onions and other goods to be loaded onto rail cars for the run to markets in the East. Shipping from Malheur County lowers the cost of our onions and other produce, making them more affordable and more attractive to . . .