Money hunt delays Vale plant

By John L. Braese

The Enterprise

VALE – The company looking to bring a new mushroom growing facility to Vale is experiencing difficulties financing the new plant.

Farmers Fresh Mushrooms, a company based in British Columbia, said the company was pursuing several options, including possibly self-financing a new plant outside of Vale.

“We are having some difficulties, but are still working on finding financing,” said Andrew Truong, program manager for the corporation. “We are resubmitting some information and also looking at possibly financing the new plant from banks in Canada. The problem with that is banks in Canada don’t like financing projects in the U.S.”

While the hunt for funding continues, Truong said the engineering of the Vale plant is continuing on schedule.

“We are committed to the plant,” he said.

Farmers Fresh took interest in Vale in November 2016 and last August bought 117 acres . . .