Montwheeler’s prosecution on hold, awaiting new mental evaluation

By Les Zaitz

The Enterprise

Susan Harmon has read the police reports about the day a year ago that her daughter was murdered and a Vale man killed.

Authorities say Annita Harmon was stabbed to death outside an Ontario convenience store on Jan. 9, 2017. Anthony Montwheeler, Harmon’s ex-husband and a former mental hospital patient, was charged with her murder.

“He was stalking her,” Harmon concluded from the reports.

Harmon shared new details about a crime that jolted the Treasure Valley and put state officials in line for intense criticism for freeing Montwheeler from the Oregon State Hospital.

A year ago, Annita Harmon was living with her parents in their rural home west of Weiser. She had done well after divorcing Montwheeler, her mother said. She had won promotions at Dickinson Frozen Foods in Fruitland, earning her own office.

That morning, she planned to go to . . .