TVCC talks hit impasse, raise specter of strike

By Les Zaitz

The Enterprise

ONTARIO – A fight over pay at Treasure Valley Community College has produced the sharpest break in labor talks in the college’s 55-year history.

Administrators want instructors to teach larger classes and get less pay for seniority.

The 40 faculty members say the college is trying to make instructors pay for administrative mistakes that caused declining enrollments in recent years.

The dispute is not academic.

On Friday, college administrators triggered a process that could end in a strike. The college notified state officials it was declaring an impasse with the faculty’s union, the Treasure Valley Education Association. By this Friday, the college administrators and the union will each have to give the state their final offer for a new labor contract.

At the same time, the two sides will return to the bargaining table, where they have been off and on for nearly . . .