Chances going up for a white Christmas around Malheur County

The Enterprise

ONTARIO – The odds of a white Christmas in Malheur County have been going up, and now the National Weather Service forecasts a 20 percent chance of snow. As of Friday morning, the weather service wasn’t predicting how much snow could fall.

But they did share trivia about Christmas weather in Ontario, based on records going back to 1903. So, for those lulls in holiday conversation, here are some odds and ends to tuck away and pull out to amaze people:

On Christmas Day:


Average snowfall: 0.3 inches

Record snowfall: 7.5 inches (1983)

Average snow depth: 0 inches

Record snow depth: 8 inches (1983)

Average precipitation: .05 inches

Record precipitation: .47 inches (1988)


Average: 27

Record high: 51 (1964)

Record low: -7 (1985)


Odds for snow on Christmas Day:

Probability of snow: 10 percent

Probability of snow, greater than average: 10 percent

Probability of more than 1 inch of snow: 6 percent

Probability of more than 3 inches of snow: 3 percent

Probability of snow on the ground: 28 percent