Russian mining firm tied to Clinton had presence in county

By Les Zaitz
The Enterprise
VALE - A mining company now controlled by Russians once operated in the remote reaches of Malheur County and now is at the center of fresh investigations into Hillary Clinton.
Clinton probably never heard of the Aurora Project, a rich uranium deposit in the Trout Creek Mountains a dozen miles west of the border town of McDermitt.
She was acquainted with Uranium One, the firm that controlled that Malheur County site as it started selling itself to Russian interests.
During the 2016 president campaign, Donald Trump and his allies claimed that Clinton as secretary of state approved the sale of control over some U.S. uranium supplies to the Russians. In turn, donors affiliated with Uranium One donated millions to her family’s foundation, they said.
The claims are back in the headlines after the U.S. Justice Department recently advised Congress it is . . .