EDITORIAL: High-flying feds could use Malheur County gut check

Some in public service tend to spend government money as if it’s Monopoly money. High-flying federal officials chartering private jets to flit about the country are in that category. They probably never considered they were picking taxpayers’ pockets, but they were.

Let’s put this in perspective. The average weekly wage in Malheur County is $664, give or take. That’s gross pay – not take home. And that’s the average. Those making minimum wage are well below that.

Now, let’s take a look at some of this federal travel. Ryan Zinke, the nation’s secretary of the Interior, earlier this year chartered a flight from Las Vegas to Montana, where he has a home. The tab, according to press reports, was $12,375.

Let’s imagine Zinke called the average worker in Malheur County. “Hello, Mr. Worker, I need to get to Montana quick . . .