Legal Notices – September 20

Public Notice
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has increased the prescribed Federal Universal Service Charge (FUSC) to 18.8%. This change will be effective on your October, 2017 bill from Oregon Telephone Corp. The FUSC amount is calculated by multiplying the FCC’s universal service contribution factor times your interstate service charges. The federal universal service fund program is designed to help keep local telephone service rates affordable for all customers, in all areas of the United States.
Oregon Telephone Corporation
Publish Dates: September 20 and 27, 2017

Storage Auction
Lincoln Storage will hold an auction of delinquent units on September 28, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. in Vale OR. This will be a sealed bid Auction. Units will be opened starting at 2:00 p.m. Location is at 315 Glenn St. North, Vale, OR. The following are delinquent and will be sold at auction if not paid in full by September 27, 2017: Ann Marie Lawrence T-72, T-73, 46; Cody Ellis T-27; Erin John 15-A; Mary & Dale Garmon T-31; Carrie Sheppard T-21; Linda Smith 14; Nathan John T-12; Kristina Caviness 65-C.
Publish Dates:September 13 and 20, 2017

In accordance with Sec. 106 of the Programmatic Agreement, T-Mobile West, LLC proposes to install a new antenna structure at 1234 High Desert Road Juntura, OR 97911. Please direct comments to Gavin L. at 818-898-4866 regarding site SL02673A.
Pubish Dates: September 20 and 27, 2017

Notice to Interested Persons
In the County Court of the State of Oregon for the County of Malheur. In the Matter of the Estate of William F.Gilley Case No. 6002. Notice is hereby given that Kathryn B. Humphrey has been appointed Personal Representative of the above estate. All persons having claims against the estate are required to present them to the Personal Representative at the office of her attorneys, Butler & Looney, P.C., 292 Main St. South, P.O. Box 430, Vale, Oregon 97918, within four months after the date of first publication of this Notice, or they may be barred. All persons whose rights may be affected by this proceeding may obtain additional information from the records of the Court, the Personal Representative, or the attorneys for the Personal Representative. DATED and first published September 20, 2017.
Publish Dates: September 20 & 27, October 4, 2017

Please take notice that pursuant to ORS 545.002 to 545.163, inclusive, an election for two Directors will be held within the Vale Oregon Irrigation District on November 9, 2017, to elect a Director from Division 1 to serve the remaining one year of a three year term; and Division 4, for a term of three years, beginning with the first regular meeting in January 2017, and until the Director’s successor is elected and qualified.
A person to qualify as a director must be a resident of Oregon and an owner or a shareholder of a corporate owner, of land situated within the division of the Vale Oregon Irrigation District from which the person seeks to be elected and subject to annual assessment charges. In the event that a person owns land in more than one division he/she can only run for the position of Director in the division in which they hold residence. Nominations for a Director may be made by a petition, signed by at least ten qualified electors of the division for which the Director is being nominated and filed with the Secretary of the District by 4:00 pm M.T. on October 10, 2017. Petitions are available at the district office located at 521 A Street West, Vale, OR.
In the event only one candidate is nominated, an election will not be held and the person nominated, if qualified, will be declared elected as the Director. In the event more than one candidate is nominated, notice shall be given and election ballots mailed to each qualified elector.
Jessi Hansen, Secretary for Vale Oregon Irrigation District
Publish Date: September 20, 2017

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE STATE OF OREGON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF MALHEUR, CIT BANK, N.A., its successors in interest and/or assigns, Plaintiff v. ESTATE OF BEVERLY GONZALES, an estate; BRENDA LEE VEGA, an heir; ELAINE MARTINEZ CRUZ, an heir; LEONARD GONZALES, an heir; STEVEN GONZALES, an heir; DIANA LAMBERT, an heir; LENA MAGNESON, an heir; TINA THOMAS, an heir; CLARENCE JOHN GONZALES, an heir; RICKY GONZALES, an heir; UNKNOWN HEIRS OF BEVERLY GONZALES, unknown heirs; and all other persons, parties, or occupants unknown claiming any legal or equitable right, title, estate, lien, or interest in the real property described in the complaint herein, adverse to Plaintiff`s title, or any cloud on Plaintiff`s title to the Property, Defendants. Case No. 17CV02062 SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION TO THE DEFENDANT: ESTATE OF BEVERLY GONZALES. In the name of the State of Oregon, you are hereby required to appear and defend the complaint filed against you in the above entitled Court within thirty (30) days from the date of the first publication of this summons. The date of first publication in this matter is September 20, 2017. If you fail timely to appear and answer, for want thereof, plaintiff(s) will apply to the court for relief demanded in the complaint. This is a judicial foreclosure of a deed of trust in which the plaintiff requests that the plaintiff be allowed to foreclose your interest in the following described real property: Land in Sierra Subdivision, City of Ontario, Malheur County, Oregon, according to the Official Plat thereof, as follows: In Block 1: The South 51.50 feet of the North 119.50 feet of Lot 5. Commonly known as: 641 SOUTHEAST 7TH STREET, ONTARIO, OREGON 97914. NOTICE TO THE DEFENDANT: READ THESE PAPERS CAREFULLY! You must “appear” to protect your rights in this matter. To “appear” you must file with the court a legal paper called a “motion” or “reply.” The “motion” or “reply” must be given to the court clerk or administrator within 30 days along with the required filing fee. It must be in proper form and have proof of service on the defendant’s attorney or, if the defendant does not have an attorney, proof of service on the defendant. If you have questions, you should see an attorney immediately. If you need help in finding an attorney, you may call the Oregon State Bar’s Lawyer Referral Service at (503) 684-3763 or toll-free in Oregon at (800) 452-7636. The Oregon State Bar`s web address is http://www.osbar.org. This summons is issued pursuant to ORCP 7. Malcolm ♦ Cisneros, A Law Corporation, Nathan F. Smith, OSB #120112, [email protected] Attorneys for Plaintiff 2112 Business Center Drive, Second Floor, Irvine, CA 92612, P: (949) 252-9400, F: (949) 252-1032
Publish Dates: September 20 & 27, October 4 & 11, 2017