Mosquitoes prove to be double trouble for Malheur County

By Les Zaitz
The Enterprise
VALE - Infected mosquitoes are on the loose in Malheur County, posing a threat to spread two viruses that can sicken people and animals.
County and state officials recently reported the first case in Oregon this year of a human infected with West Nile Virus, following testing showing several pools of mosquitoes carrying the virus. State health officials said the person didn’t require hospitalization and has recovered.
Health officials say they also have detected – for the first time ever in Oregon – mosquitoes infected with another virus known as Saint Louis encephalitis. The mosquitoes were caught in a trap west of Vale.
The viruses can produce similar symptoms in people – fever, nausea and headaches lasting several days. In more severe cases, symptoms include convulsions or disorientation.
Health officials are ramping up their efforts to go after the mosquitoes. The Malheur County Vector Control District . . .