EDITORIAL: Time to rein in the meanness spreading across the country

The rawness of the attacks in Portland should jolt us here in Malheur County, a time zone and hundreds of miles away.

Two men were slashed to death and a third hospitalized Friday for trying to stop public abuse of two teen girls. The accused attacker is reported to be a white supremacist with virulent views.

This is shocking in so many ways. A man considered it okay to espouse his hate not only in public, but on public transit. Two young girls minding their own business now must sleep every night with the nightmare of that day. A heroic act by men just riding a commuter train to work or home turned into funerals and a hospital watch.

Every day, we are treated to the latest episode of a civility lost. A Congressional candidate thinks assault is the best response to a question. A fan of a presidential candidate . . .