Editor’s note: Searching for web innovation in rural America

By Les Zaitz

The Enterprise

I have this restless urge to reinvent our rural newspaper website.

Actually, blow it up and start over. And I need help.

We want to be innovative as a shoestring outfit can be. I have key objectives in mind:

  • Find the best way to present the most information in an appealing way, across the website and social platforms.
  • Find a way to reach a significant Hispanic population that isn’t going to spend much time on our website. Instead, we want to reach them on their phones.
  • Find a way to use a pay wall and advertising for significant revenue development, not produce just spare change for coffee.
  • Find a way to make potent use of video.

Now, everyone in media trying to do some blend of those.

Here’s the problem.

Most of the . . .