EDITORIAL: Governor should step in again, this time ordering investigation

Anthony W. Montwheeler appears at his arraignment in Malheur County Circuit Court on charges of aggravated murder, assault and kidnapping. He is accused of stabbing his ex-wife to death on Jan. 9, 2017, and then crashing head-on into another vehicle while fleeing police. The collision killed the other driver and injured his wife. (Malheur Enterprise/Pat Caldwell)

Gov. Kate Brown did the public a service by clipping a state agency’s effort to thwart records disclosure by suing. Now, she needs to hold accountable the state Psychiatric Security Review Board its conduct in its case that caused the furor.

The Security Review Baord for 20 years had the duty to protect the public from Anthony W. Montwheeler. He was found guilty except for insanity in the 1996 kidnapping of . . .