Back to the future: Ontario elected leaders ponder sales tax

By Pat Caldwell

The Enterprise

ONTARIO — Businessman Norm Crume didn’t want an Ontario city sales tax in 2004.

He was so opposed joined a successful effort to squash it.

Fast-forward more than 12 years. Crume, now an Ontario city councilman, isn’t sure a sales tax would be bad.

City officials are considering once again asking Ontario voters to impose the local sales tax.

The owner of Norms Auto Electric said he is firmly on the fence regarding the issue for one reason: His experiences as a city councilman.

“Being there for eight years and seeing where the budget is at and our negative cash flow compared to overall expenses makes me realize we either need to make more cuts or have more revenue,” he said.

Costs to provide city services keep going up but revenue coming hasn’t kept pace, Crume said.

Those costs include labor, parts . . .